Department of General Medicine

Besides access to all equipments and facilities the Department of General Medicine gives the students practical understanding of ECG, EEG and EGG machines. Spirometer and treadmiss to assess cardiac, cerebral and respiratory functions. Availability of cardiac monitors and pulse oximeter in the ward helps in continuous assessment of patients. 

The department library has text books, reference books and important journals for the use of the faculty and students. There is also journal club and clinical society for demonstration of cases and discussion of academic importance.

Clinical Activities
Out Patient Services: 

  • Well furnished OP rooms
  • Fully qualified medical officers to attend to patients
  • Regular participation in rural camps in adjoining villages
  • Research work and study of pulmonary function tests in smokers and positive treadmill tests in intermediate risk patients

In-Patient Services:

  • 530 Bed strength of 300 male and 230 female patients with bed occupancy 80%
  • The ward is adequately staffed and equipped to provide in-patient care to all our patients including emergency care

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