Department of General Surgery

Department of General Surgery was established in the year 2008. It has a team of highly dedicated, experienced and skilled surgeons. The Department is a center for undergraduate & postgraduate teaching, patient care and research. Our department is committed to provide the highest quality of medical care to patients, world class education for students and continuing innovative basic science and clinical research.

The Department of General Surgery comprises of eight units, functioning all seven days of the week. With the eminent faculty being the backbone of the department, we are in prime focus to serve the various needs, may it be in the outpatient, inpatient or in the emergency room which is covered 24×7.
There is always a drive towards self-betterment, and this motive is passed down through every member of the department including the post graduates. The surgical training and skills developed are arguably the best.

Apart from patient care, the department is responsible for the academic progression of undergraduates and postgraduates including anaesthesia postgraduates. Students are intensively trained in practical aspects of surgery through demonstrations, case discussions and seminars every day of the week. Dental and paramedical students are also taught in addition to Anaesthetic technician courses.

The department boasts an impressive list of surgeries (breast, thyroid, oncologic procedures, plastic surgeries,all types of hernia, GI, colorectal, surface lesion, limb, vascular procedures etc.) performed every week which are a good learning experience for students and residents alike.

Laparoscopic procedures are a daily norm in the dept. Basic and advanced laparoscopy procedures are done regularly. Intestinal Obstruction, perforation, Appendicectomy, chest and abdominal trauma are the emergency procedures frequently done.Endoscopies are performed regularly even in the OP. Novel sphincter-saving procedures for complex fistulas like VAAFT are performed regularly with excellent results. Similar advanced procedures like Radio Frequency Ablation for Varicose Veins are also employed.

Additionally, the academics of students are reinforced by a central library as well as a library in the operating complex with a vast collection of books and journals.An audiovisual room is used for conducting seminars with a seating capacity of 50. The laparoscopic skills lab is used to introduce residents to laparoscopic procedures.

Doctors from other institutes are also invited to deliver lectures.The department of general surgery is an all-rounder that advances with the times and endeavours to train efficient new doctors to improve the lives of their patients.


  • Well equipped Operative Theatres.
  • Minimally invasive surgery.
  • Advanced laparoscopy set.
  • Harmonic energy devices.
  • Endoscopy.
  • VAAFT equipment ( video-assisted anal fistula treatment).
  • RFA set ( Radio Frequency Ablation).
  • Spacious Demonstration rooms and seminar hall.
  • Department library with international and national reputed journals.
  • Skills lab ( suturing, knotting, Lap endo trainer).
  • Speciality clinics.

Procedures done

  1. Elective – Thyroid, breast, hernia, varicose veins, PVD, amputation, Surface swelling, ulcers, limb infections, basic and advanced GI procedures ( stomach, small bowel, large bowel, colorectal, anal).
  2. Emergency- Intestinal Perforation, obstruction, appendicitis, chest trauma, abdominal trauma, limb injuries, bowel ischaemia and gangrene etc.

Academic activities

  • Seminars
  • Group discussions
  • Clinical case discussions
  • Journal club
  • Mortality meet
  • Clinico-pathological meet
  • Zonal CME
  • Guest lectures
  • Basic surgical skills workshop
  • Advanced surgical skills workshop
  • Panel discussions


  • All Faculty have research publications to their credit in national and international reputed journals.
  • 10 ongoing research projects in collaboration with ARC (3 ICMR+ 7 international companies).