Department of Orthopaedics

The department of Orthopaedics gives Quality education to MBBS students in pre final & final year students and treats as in-patients and out patients. Surgeries are done to the needy. This runs round the clock deating with trauma patients.

Academic Clinics

Academic training is given to MBBS students in lectures, seminars and guest lectures.In the hospital side, clinical discussion is done with patients and necessary investigation back up . Students are taken to words and discussions are conducted.

Special Clinics: (at 2.00 pm)

This department runs special clinics in the following categories:

  1. Fracture clinics: The complicated trauma cases are discussed here on all days.
  2. Arthroplasty Clinic: Where patients, who are waiting for and those who have under gone joint replacements are demonstrated on every Tuesdays.
  3. Arthoscopy Clinic: Diagnostic and Surgical aspects of Arthoscopy are discussed on every Wednesdays.
  4. CTEV Clinic: The crookedness of the ankle and foot are common ones. These are discussed on every Thursdays.
  5. Spine Clinic: The injuries of spinal column, the diseases of the neck and backbones , those who have under gone spinal surgeries are discussed on every Fridays.


In this department Surgeries are done on fracture cases in emergency operation theatres. Routine Surgeries on fracture cases and on Bone joint and muscle problems done here. Arthoplasty or joint replacements and Arthoscopic Surgeries are done.

Other Services Outside Hospitals

Specialist acre is given in our Hospitals outreach to Urban and Rural health centres routinely. Those in need of institutional care are referred to main department OP.


Successful Ortho camps are conducted in remote villages with the help of Panchayat leaders in common places by the Orthopaedics specialists. Those who are in need of institutional treatment are picked up by the college bus and brought to the hospital . The department has visited the old age homes who have Bone and joint diseases of Old age and rendered helping hands.

In-Patients Care

There are 120 beds – 60 for male and 60 for female patients with necessary equipments. The patients and students are benefitted. This apart from Surgical ICU and Post OP ward.