Department of ophthalmology

About the Department

The department of ophthalmology is a well established branch of medicine which caters to the high caliber level of academic programs, clinical research and state of art, management of patients. The department trains and teaches the undergraduate, postgraduate and medical students in the field of ophthalmology.

Modern high class techniques are being utilized in investigation, diagnosis and treatment modalities of eye disorders of the patients from all levels of society. We cater to the ophthalmic needs of all sections of the community irrespective of the economic status and not only from places around the institute but also from far of place.

The department undertakes various ophthalmic surgeries of cutting edge caliber with a well equipped operation theatre thereby contributing to the national goal of eradicating blindness.

Majority of the surgeries and investigations are performed with minimal cost or free of cost thereby helping all sections of the population including downtrodden and marginalized.

State of art Equipment

With benevolence and foresight of our management, the department is fortunate to be equipped with following state of art equipment with cutting edge technology for performance of various ophthalmic investigations and surgeries

  1. Ophthalmic fundus camera – it aids to photograph the various retinal disorders
  2. Slit lamp bio microscopy with photographic attachment – it aids in the accurate diagnosis of anterior segment disorder and also helps in the real time observation and learning of disorders by the students
  3. Green laser – high end equipment necessary for the photocoagulation and management of very common diabetic retinopathy and other retinal disorders
  4. Automated perimetry – very vital for the assessment of visual field damage caused by visual debilitating disorder glaucoma.
  5. Specular microscopy – it assesses the quality of cornea, the anterior portion of eye which is being transplanted in the eye donation
  6. Auto refractometer with automated keratometer – it is a computerized equipment useful for automated assessment of refractive error and measurement of corneal dimensions in the outpatient department and mass visual screening in the outreach camps
  7. Non contact tonometer – the state of art of technique to measure intraocular pressure; it is a non contact tonometer digitalized and imperative in this era of contagious disease transmission.
  8. A scan – this equipment helps in measurement of axial length of the eyeball which is essential for cataract surgery
  9. B scan – this high end equipment is to get 3 dimensional view of intraocular disorders like vitreous hemorrhage and retinal detachment
  10. Synaptophore – this equipment is very useful in the measurement of angle of squint and also in the orthoptic training given post operatively to achieve binocular single vision

Courses offered

Following courses are sanctioned for the department of ophthalmology by National Medical Commission

  1. MBBS
  3. B.OPT

All these courses are conducted with hands on training and academic programs with affiliation to Dr.MGR education and research institute (deemed to be university) department also takes pride in inculcating training in other nursing and ophthalmic related techniques.

Other Facilities

Department is also endured with other academically enriching facilities like well equipped lab for diagnosing ophthalmic disorders, museum showcasing the history and development of field of ophthalmology.