Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Department of Otorhinolaryngology of ACS medical college is composed of well trained surgeons and senior teaching faculty committed towards patient care and student education. The second and third year MBBS students, students from various courses under allied health sciences and dental post graduates pursuing oro-maxillo facial surgery routinely undergo training in the department. The department has also been sanctioned by the NMC to admit post graduate students from this academic year. The department library consists of all the latest editions of NMC recommended text books (both UG & PG) and journals pertaining to Otorhinolaryngology.

The department is well equipped with state of the art OPD units, endoscopy unit, minor operation theatre and videonystagmography lab. There is a complete audiological evaluation setup comprising of latest equipments to perform pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry, oto-acoustic emissions, electrophysiological tests (BERA, VEMP). New born hearing screening is routinely performed to rule out congenital deafness within 48 hours of child birth. A well qualified speech therapist is available for providing therapy for voice and speech related disorders like developmental speech delay, autism and stammering. Many specialty clinics like vertigo clinic, cancer clinic and rhinology clinic are routinely run in the department. A Temporal bone dissection lab is available for hands on training of students on cadaveric temporal bone to orient towards anatomy of the temporal bone and mastoid surgeries like cortical, modified radical and radical mastoidectomy and facial nerve decompression. Sleep study is routinely performed for patients with obstructive sleep apnoea in the sleep lab. Allergy testing facility with immunotherapy is also available for treatment of patients with allergic rhinitis, asthma or other atopic disorders.

The Otorhinolaryngology operation theatre is well established with high definition ZEISS operating microscope, high definition video-endoscopy system with recording and archiving facility, video-bronchoscopy unit, micro debrider, high speed drill, etc. Overall the department is well equipped with both infrastructure as well as man power to provide standard educational training and deliver quality patient care.