President’s Message

Dear Students,

A description of medical professionalism from London’s Royal College of Physicians sets out these values, behaviors and relationships at greater length: “Medicine is a vocation in which a doctor’s knowledge, clinical skills and judgment are put in the service of protecting and restoring human well-being. This purpose is realized through a partnership between patient and doctor, one based on mutual respect, individual responsibility and appropriate accountability. These values, which underpin the science and practice of medicine, form the basis for a moral contract between the medical profession and society. Each party has a duty to work to strengthen the system of health care on which our collective human dignity depends.

Thus medical education is the best means to change the society better for the future and also to strengthen the system of health care of human beings. The role of the Dean and Heads of Departments in providing that kind of education is appropriate for the students of the present century.

ACS Medical College and Hospital, will make itself as the largest and most important international center for medical education for years to come. The period of training you are now embarking on, will bring challenges and rewards for you, as undergraduates and, yes for your teachers as well.

I welcome you all to have a look at our facilities, infrastructure plans and programmes and help us serve you better.

Er. A.C.S.Arun Kumar, B.Tech (Hons), LMISTE, MIET (UK), LMCSI