Department of Paediatrics

We have full fledged pediatric department with qualified and well-experienced Pediatricians, Neonatologist, Developmental pediatrician and well experienced Staff nurses.

We have fully equipped NICU and PICU giving 24X7 hour care.

There are advanced ventilators and CPAP systems for emergency ventilatory care.

In NICU-latest LED phototherapy units and transport incubators are available.

We have well-experienced professors and teaching faculties for PG students (MD pediatrics) and MBBS students.Our department has full fledged digitalized Library, Museum and separate immunization facility with I.L.R. for storing vaccines.We have established a Human Milk bank where we are getting milk from donor mothers and giving it to pre-term and low birth weight babies whenever needed.We have adopted a village in thiruvallur district (pakkam) for providing  Medical services.

We are running weekly outreach programs for the needy poor people who are also given INPATIENT CARE  whenever needed.

All National programs related to pediatrics, like Breastfeeding week, Newborn Week, Hepatitis day are celebrated  in a grand way in the hospital involving all the faculties , students and public with full backing from our management.